Driving Off With A Galvin Green Waterproof Jacket Extends Your Playing Time

This is not one of those technically loaded articles that, oh, lead golfers, particularly those who are just starting out, to yawn. The archaic nature of such pretensions would simply frighten off such readers. But then again, no good golfer is going to have fear in his repertoire of necessary driving skills that are going to lead him to reduced handicaps and a faster navigation to the eighteenth hole, perhaps in the front of the pack. Fearless golfers also wish to spend far more time on those fairways and greens. Driving off at the first tee with a galvin green waterproof jacket snugly over arms and torso will help extend the fearless golfer’s playing time.

galvin green waterproof jacket

The fearless golfer is not afraid of the elements. There are going to be those occasions that competitions are going to encounter some wet weather. And when it rains at the home of golf, it sometimes pours in buckets. Of course, this is a predicament that many a tournament organizer is faced with at golfing events around the world. In the interest of spurring on the competition and maintaining the excitement and interest of the great game’s followers, the game must go on, rain or shine. But of course, when thunder and lightning strikes, tee-off times will be postponed and sometimes even cancelled.

This is smart and responsible because playing under such conditions would be utterly dangerous. Not only is the determined golfer fearless, he is also sensible. But in his determination, he may enforce practice time in the rain. Nothing to worry about, mind you, not whilst you have your galvin green waterproof jacket zipped up firmly. By dint of its name, the jacket keeps you dry from the rain. There will also be a hood to protect your head. And because there is usually a chill when the rain comes driving down the fairway, the jacket’s inner lining keeps game golfers quite warm.

The fearless and sensible golfer is also quite the gentleman. He dresses for the part, not just in garments that are good for streamlining his essential movements, but in style. Even if the old fashioned golfer was not the most fashion conscious player on the course, he would still be hard-pressed to avoid good style. He can keep up with the Jones with a Galvin Green wardrobe made up of golf shirts, slacks and even Bermudas where casual wear is allowed. But on the whole, the gentleman golfer will still be mindful of his required dress code.

He respects his opponents. He respects the club which he is privileged to visit. And he always respects the occasion. The great, green golfing occasion. The highlight of such an occasion is winning the match. Or just simply quietly sipping on your green tea in the clubhouse, celebrating another feat in reducing your handicap. That was made possible through fearless dedication and many hours of practice, in rain or shine.